Dr Julian Bhowmick has been treating patients with invisalign for over 10 years. In that time results have become better and more reliable. The aligners are now able to do many more tooth movements and the treatment times have been reduced. Most treatment times are now complete between 6 months and a year.

After an initial consultation, an assessment will be made of the way the teeth meet together and any irregularities or concerns.

Impressions will then be taken and this will generate a 3D virtual model of your teeth. Crucially it will show you the position your teeth are in now and the final desired position. You will be able to access videos of your teeth moving to the desired position from many different angles. If you are happy with the predicted final outcome then aligners can be manufactured.

At first the aligners can be a little tight but then as the teeth move they become much easier. The aligners are to be worn full time only removing them only to eat. Regular checks of your teeth are made at each visit when new aligners are given.

At the end of treatment it is important to keep the teeth in the desired position otherwise your teeth can drift back to their original position. The options for retention are fixed with a bonded wire around the inside of the lower teeth, and/or removable retainers.

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