Enlighten Tooth Whitening

We have been working with Enlighten as a tooth whitening product for many years and have whitened over 700 patients teeth in this way. In comparison to many of the other products on the market, the results achieved with the enlighten system are reliable and the best we have seen in the practice.

They have a patented tray system that allows for an even whitening to the crown of the tooth and use a high percentage of desensitiser and so allowing you to be able to wear the trays overnight. The procedure is simple and safe and compliant with the GDCs regulations.

The Journey

After an initial consultation, impressions are taken to make both upper and lower bleaching mouth guards and initial 'before' photos are taken. Once the bleaching guards have been made you will be given the Enlighten kit which comprises of the gels, toothpaste and desensitising swabs. The guards are then filled with the gels and then worn over the next consecutive 14 nights. If there are any problems then you can speak to a member of the team.

Finally we would ask you to return, just to check all is well and to take the final 'after' photos. The before and after photos can then be emailed to you.

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