We have been using lumineers for the past 5 years. The results have been outstanding and I have never seen a veneer solution as good. They are produced and manufactured in California and the system utilises a very well thought out procedure. Some of the cases have been completely life changing.

The Journey

The consultation for this type of treatment is the the most extensive part. We will often discuss and assess many times before we decide what we would like to achieve. Despite the blurb they are not a no-preparation veneer but any preparation is kept to a minimum.

Impressions are then taken and sent to the states, temporaries are made to cover the teeth, if required, until the finished lumineer is bonded on to the tooth.

Once the veneers have been bonded in position, the patient then returns and the veneers are shaped and polished to give a fantastic result. All lumineers are guaranteed for 5 years.

Before and after photos are always outstanding and will be emailed to you if requested.

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