Question Image What happens at an initial consultation?
Answer Image On arrival at the practice, you will be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire. The dentist will then examine your teeth, gum condition, soft tissues intraorally and extraorally and occlusion. With your consent relevant x-rays can be taken and treatment options will then be discussed. A treatment plan is provisionally put together and initially signed and then any treatment can be arranged afterwards.
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Question Image Will I need to pay in advance?
Answer Image New patients to the practice and patients previously registered at the practice who have not attended in past 2 years will be asked to pay the exam fee of 25 pounds in advance. This fee in non refundable if the patient fails to attend.
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Question Image How can I pay for treatment?
Answer Image We accept cash,and most major credit and debit cards. However we do not accept cheques. For extensive treatments, the cost can be spread into instalments, and patients also have the option of interest free payments spread over a number of months suitable.
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Question Image How long does tooth whitening last and is it safe?
Answer Image We have been whitening teeth for over 12 years and in that time have used many different tray systems and bleaching gels. As from Oct 2012 the industry was standardised and the highest concentration of hydrogen peroxide now used is 6% . We use the Enlighten system as this has enhanced desensitising gels within which enable patients to whiten for longer and hence getting better results. There is always a difference to be seen and the British Dental Association publicly advocates bleaching as it is safe and generates more patient interest in looking after their teeth. The whitening can last for many years but many patients do top up with bleaching syringes on a regular basis to maintain the colour. Research has shown there to few side effects to the treatment and no permanent damage to the teeth. Whitening is now widespread and at the practice we also have seen no permanent damage.
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Question Image What do i do if i have a complaint about the treatment or service?
Answer Image If you have a complaint then you should initially contact Dr Bhowmick who is responsible for the practice complaints procedure and he will try to resolve your complaint. Complaints whether by phone or in writing will be dealt with immediately by Dr Bhowmick. The complaint will be acknowledged in writing and will include a copy of the code of practice. If you are not happy with the way the dental practice has dealt with your complaint then you are to contact the Dental Complaints Service. This service is funded by the General Dental Council which sets out standards of conduct for and regulates all dental professionals in the UK. You can call the Dental Complaints Service on 08456120540 or fill out the complaint form on its website.
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Question Image Do you accept new patients
Answer Image Yes we always welcome new patients and have designed the appointment book in such a way in that they can be seen promptly.
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Question Image Do you do any work on the national health service
Answer Image The practice left the health service in 2006 and no longer has a contract to provide nhs services.
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